<<<<Welcome to Tunde Suleiman & Co, Chartered Accounts>>>>>>>
Welcome to Tunde Suleiman & Co Chartered Accountants

TUNDE SULEIMAN & CO. is a firm of chartered accountants registered in Nigeria with a view of pioneering positive change within the accountancy profession through well structure policies, strategies and standard that exhibits a very high quality of professional work. The firm has in-dept knowledge of the operations of the Nigerian industry and the partners have, at one time or the other in their professional career, handled different transactions on the level of individuals companies and Government.

TUNDE SULEIMAN & CO. is a firm that has passion for value and international accreditation, our aim is to be internationally recognized as a member of a good number of international Accounting Association so as to take advantage of modern business development such as e-commerce and e-business.

Our firm is registered with the institute of Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN) which is a member of the International Federation of Accountants Congress (IFAC).

Our keys Staff are qualified members of various National and International Professional Accounting bodies.

Our services are tailored to meet up with International Standards and we offer pragmatic solution in the area of accounting, Financial and Management consulting services and Tax matters.

We are without a doubt a major player in the provision of Audit, Financial and Tax Services to companies and government in Nigeria.


The Company also has a team of young, dynamic and resourceful professionals with broad business knowledge to meet the challenges of the company’s objectives of providing quality services.

To serve our client with competence, humility, and confidence; upholding the tenets of our profession and delivering satisfactory values to both parties.

To reach the top echelon of our profession through hard work and consistency, leaving a strong and solid legacy for the coming generation.


  • Flexibility: we make the delivery of our services flexible in a way that will accommodate individual, company, Government-specific modes of operation,
  • Documentation simplification
  • Timeliness
  • Accountability
  • Thoroughness
  • Strict Adherence to standards, Professional Ethics, rules and regulations.